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All plans include unlimited data usage, no throttling, and no contracts. What more could you ask for?


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All plans do not include the one-time installation fee of $100.

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Why Choose WYDE?

WYDE is the only Farm to Device internet service provider in Fredericksburg, VA.  WYDE provides high-speeds internet serivce to homes and businesses with no contracts, no hidden fees, no bundles, & WYDE does not raise prices (Shenanigans). 

Built to Last

Robust Network

What's Downtime?

We don’t use that word here, the other ISPs have downtime on speed dial when it’s most inconvenient for you.

Fast connections

Tired of the spinning wheel of death? Us too, that’s why we deliver blazing fast internet with low latency. 

No Rental Fees

Nickle and diming isn’t what we are here to do, that’s why there are no device rentals fo any of our gear. The way it should be.

Better Internet. More Control

Being a local ISP we know our customers, really. We build relationships with everyone we serve. Sometimes we even deliver donuts!


No Contracts.


No funny business


Local Customer service in FXBG


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You didn’t even notice that outage did you? Of course you didn’t that’s how fast we resolved it! If you ever need help or need to voice a concern we are here for you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not feeling us? We will do everything possible to make you expeirence with us the best it can be. We stand behind our products and service.

30 Days of Free Internet

Every customer you refer to our service earns you a free month of Internet! What’s better than free internet? Well I’m not quite sure…